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Hertz - Car Auction September 15 , 2011

€ 1.7 Million Car Auction. Over 130 Cars, Years 2011 > 2008 will be sold by Auction at 11am Saturday 1 October 2011.

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South Dublin Motors Ltd (In Receivership) July 22 , 2011

On the Instructions of Mr. Kieran Wallace, KPMG, Receiver of South Dublin Motors Ltd (In Receivership), E-Auctions are offering over (125) Cars ...

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Manvik Ireland Limited (In Liquidation) July 01 , 2011

On the Instructions of Mr. Ciaran Kirk, KPMG, Liquidator of Manvik Ireland Limited (In Liquidation), E-Auctions are offering Vehicles and Mac...

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Car Auction - Sat 18 June 2011 June 03 , 2011

By Order of Budget Car Rental due to Stock Replenishment and Various Clients. Over 140 Cars Must be Sold. 11am Sat 18 June 2011. Full Details to...

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Waters Glass and Glazing Ltd (In Vol Liq) May 04 , 2011

On the Instructions of Mr. A H Heffernan, FCA, HK Corporate Recovery, Liquidator of Waters Glass and Glazing Ltd (In Voluntary Liquidation), E-...

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Kimball Electronics March 11 , 2011

By Order of Kimball Electronics, E-Auctions in association with Hilco and The Branford Group are offering a complete facility of Pharma and Pac...

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H M Yachts Ltd (In Vol Liq) March 02 , 2011

By Order of Mr. Barry Donohue, KPMG, Liquidator of H M Yachts (In Voluntary Liquidation), E-Auctions are offering Unused Jeanneau Merry Fisher, ...

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Galvins Wholesale Limited May 28 , 2010

On the Instructions of Mr. Barry Donohue, KPMG, Receiver of Galvins Wholesale Limited (In Receivership and Liquidation), E-Auctions sold 480 Bot...

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DELL - Due to Company Reorganisation May 28 , 2010

During 2010, E-Auctions in association with Hilco Europe conducted 4 x Auctions for DELL - Contents of Complete Server, Notebook ...

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Liquidation Car Auction May 26 , 2010

By Order of the Directors of 353 Car Rental, due to ceasing of trading and other clients, E-Auctions sold OVER (120) Vehicles by Aucti...

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